CA Unified Infrastructure Management Review
MCS allows for monitoring policies to be created for groups of devices.

Valuable Features:

  • Ease of setup - install is quick and easy. For small environments, all components can be installed on a single server. Even larger, more-distributed environments are easy to install, given all required network ports are open.
  • Automated robot deployment makes it easy to select targets for performance management. 
  • Justifiably, local and remote options are available for agent-based and touchless monitoring. 
  • Most probe configurations are OOTB best practices. The probe GUI is easy to navigate. 
  • A new feature, MCS, allows for monitoring policies to be created for groups of devices. You can monitor just about anything.

Improvements to My Organization:

We are a managed services organization. Knowing about performance issues before our customers is key. To have reports ready at the beginning of the day is even better. Report scheduling is priceless.

Room for Improvement:

I would like to see enhancements to core probes for bulk uploads. Some probes have the capability to monitor multiple targets. You either must enter them one by one or use scripting to bulk load the targets. I would like to see that functionality built into the probes.

Use of Solution:

We have been using this product for about seven years.

Stability Issues:

We have not encountered any stability issues.

Scalability Issues:

We have not encountered any scalability issues.

Technical Support:

The technical support is excellent. 24 x 7 support is awesome, not to mention that their support staff really knows the product. What makes it better is that support and development work close together so that turnaround on bug fixes is expedient.

Previous Solutions:

We previously used Solarwinds NPM but it wasn't as scalable.

Initial Setup:

Setup was easy.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Buy what you need. The product is worth every bit of its cost.

Other Solutions Considered:

We did not evaluate any other products beforehand.

Other Advice:

Plan and commit people and processes. Build a service, don't just implement a tool.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We are a consulting services partner.
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