CA Workload Automation Review
Granular Security enables self-service role-based access. There are still too many screens and the use cases need to be handled in a more "compact" way.

Valuable Features

Granular Security enables self-service role-based access. JIL language is always a big accelerator for creating/editing job flows efficiently.

Great at handling timezones and daylight savings adjustments.

Improvements to My Organization

Self-Service has enabled the support team to move from being a bottleneck to being the go-to team for expertise and advice and to focus on maintaining the infrastructure.

Room for Improvement

Despite the commitment of the development team to improve the UI since version 11.3, the WCC module still lacks true quality. There are still too many screens and the use cases need to be handled in a more "compact" way.

Use of Solution

We've been using v11.3.6 for 18 months, and the tool in general since 2006.

Deployment Issues

We had no issues with the deployment.

Stability Issues

We've had no issues with the stability.

Scalability Issues

We've had no trouble scaling it for our needs.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The user conference is a great way to catch the attention of the development and product management team. In general they are keen to discuss functionality and open to (good) suggestions

Technical Support:

Technical support is overall very good both in turnaround time and quality, but a bit less so for challenging issues which can take a while to find their way to the right technician unless they are an emergency

Previous Solutions

BMC Control-M was richer in functionality but overly complex and cumbersome. Also, it is worth noting that product failover incurs an immediate outage (as long or short as your failover technology will allow it to be) whereas the Autosys outage is incurred during a maintenance window and functionality is maintained during the failover.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was not hugely complicated, but do set aside four to six man-months if you are not using specialist services. The product does require some careful thinking around the High Availability and security sides. Thorough qualifications testing is recommended for a scheduler, too.

Implementation Team

If you don't buy competence, you will need to build it internally which takes time. The recent versions of the product are a lot more complex than the relatively simple 4.0.

Other Solutions Considered


Other Advice

Get some specialist help if you don't have internal knowledge.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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