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​Effectively Manage Business Initiatives using Daptiv PPM

Hi again, I'm on my way to a new project! It will keep me busy for few months so, I wanted to share this information now, writing it later will be more difficult, so I'll use the trip to do so.

All projects are born from good ideas, these include: very special customer requirements, improved product, new product development, change to the way things are done at an office, etc. Ideas that begin maturation, documentation and support process.

Daptiv is a SaaS platform that allows easy Portfolio Project Management, one of its functions is precisely "Workspace Request" management. I can imagine everybody's face regarding the name, Workspace Request? Well everything inside Daptiv is a workspace, such as: A Project, Small Intranet, Shared file cabinet, etc. So anyone can request a workspace, equivalent to business initiatives collection. 

A great Daptiv feature is that it allows registration not only using a username and password, but it can easily generate web forms, which can be easily integrated into your Intranet or Internet website.

This is very useful! A good example that I have in my mind, is a project that we develop at my country "Guanajuato City Government", The public Internet information website, has Daptiv web forms, where citizens could report a pothole, garbage collection services issue, water or gas leaks, etc. Each of these requests were handled in Daptiv, some of them were managed as maintenance tasks, others possibly become complete construction projects.

In Daptiv, personnel were assigned to a workspace as necessary team member to address people reports, verifying their available time and other assignments. Also costs were updated as tasks advanced. All this information allowed the Governor obtain statistical data; catered events, times and costs, during his Government Time.

Initiatives may include up to 99 custom profile fields, this is more than enough to integrate score initiative factors such as; Urgency, Cost, Strategic alignment, etc. We can also integrate information to improve decision making; which shall be converted into a project or a program.

We can decide which fields should be filled by the requesting user, and the others are only for internal company use.

You can supplement information integrating needed resource types, such as: Oracle DBA, Java2EE Senior Developer, etc. Not knowing yet who (which person) it will be, but defining required hours and month, this is how human resources are integrated to budget needs.

Initiatives depending on their category or workspace type can be submitted with an authorization policy, with this feature you can prevent to not overload the evaluation project committee. If they decided that an Initiative should simply run later, the records are not only still there, all those good ideas as well, otherwise they could possibly be forgotten in a USB once used or on someone's desk. Daptiv can integrate as many approvers as required, but they will need a full user to login and approve or decline.

Just remember successful companies are definitively; The sum of put into practice good ideas, which many of them come from Employees, Customers or Counselors, and Daptiv is one of the most appropriate tool to manage them, without infrastructure investment requirements, you just can access the tool from any Internet connected device.

I hope this information will be useful for you, and soon I will write about generating Daptiv projects, and templates use.    

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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ITCS user

author avatarit_user4401 (Developer at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees)

Very good review. Do you know if I can provisionally add people to my project in a way that doesn't send notifications?

author avatarAntonio Lira
Top 5LeaderboardConsultant

Hi Alin;

It is not possible to configure Daptv to select who will or will not be notified of team work integration, nor task assignments, you can only advise most angry users, to temporarily disable notifications from their user profile (in main menu, top right dropdown list below our user name). I do not recommend to do this if is not necessary, because sometimes after doing this, user forget to activate it again, causing discomfort because system does not informed him of new activities.