Changepoint Daptiv Review

Start small and build -- give the users time to fully adopt the features

Valuable Features

<ul> <li>Portfolio View (built from a top down perspective to support senior management reporting)</li> <li>Excellent reporting</li> <li>Resource Allocation/Capacity Planning function</li> </ul>

Improvements to My Organization

I implemented for a large client of mine and saw them quickly get up and running and leverage Daptiv to help them manage their IT demand from their internal customers. But putting in Daptiv's PPM tool they were able to in a very short period of time:
  1. Show all projects (demand) in their portfolio -- in-progress and backlog -- by organizational unit
  2. Show how many hours they were spending by project vs. "keep the lights on" efforts and
  3. Provide better estimates of when new projects potentially could be started by measuring resource allocation and capacity

Room for Improvement

Would always like to see improvement in the Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning features -- these are the areas that can / will give the greatest ROI so improvement would always be welcomed. Easier to work with, more "what if" capabilities (looking at not just in-progress projects but adding in backlog projects) and even stronger reporting would be welcome. This same feedback applies to all of the PPM tools in the SaaS based leadership Magic Quadrant.

Use of Solution

Approximately 2 years

Deployment Issues

Nothing major -- just normal learning curve issues

Stability Issues


Scalability Issues

Not to date

Customer Service and Technical Support

Limited unless you purchase additional support hours.

Previous Solutions

Yes, switched for greater features/functionality.

Initial Setup

I found it to be relatively easy to configure and roll-out.

Implementation Team

Did most internally but did use some additional hours by an implementation partner (who was excellent).

Other Solutions Considered

Yes -- AtTask, Innotas, Instantis

Other Advice

Like any other software package -- phase your implementation. Start small and build -- give the users time to fully adopt the features -- but have a set schedule (implement quickly with features rolled out every 60 days). Don't assume that the users can pick it up on their own -- train the users -- success depends not on them just knowing how to do something in the PPM -- you also might need to provide good project management training too.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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