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We’ve been asked a number of times, what exactly is Chatter? Isn’t it ‘The Twitter of Salesforce?’ or ‘Just a bit like Facebook’? It’s true Chatter does incorporate functions from Facebook and Twitter, but is so much more than that. Salesforce have taken all the great functions from social media and incorporated them into Chatter to make Salesforce an even more powerful CRM. Chatter brings you a new level of collaboration within your salesforce environment and your users will have no problem adapting to Chatter if they know how to use any of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Skype, YouTube, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Forums... "I Like Salesforce" Chatter is perfect for collaboration and like Facebook you're able to like, comment and share posts. Chatter also gives you the ability to create Polls - a great way for a busy team to vote with just a simple click! And best of all - no social media advertising! “Hi @SolXConsulting I’m using #salesforce” Just like Twitter when you use Chatter you can instantly connect to what's most important to you, by following colleagues, Opportunities, Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Cases and Dashboards - in fact anything that’s important to you. @mention your colleague into your conversation or use hashtags to generate popular topics and reply to posts. “I can connect and follow my Colleagues” With your Chatter profile you can manage your professional identity just like you would on Linkedin. Add your own image, update your contact details and follow colleagues and customers to build a Chatter network. Join Groups with customers and colleagues. Private messaging is also available, much the same as you would with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. “Here’s my presentation about Salesforce Products” is a great social media platform for sharing slides and presentations. Chatter offers salesforce users the ability to upload and share the same content publicly or privately within a Group. Add PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios directly onto your Chatter Feed or by @mentioning a colleague. “Here’s a video of me using Salesforce” On Chatter you can Share videos with colleagues, groups or customer groups. You can like, comment and share the link, follow the video or even bookmark it for future reference. “Here's a Photo of me using Salesforce” Just like Flickr, Chatter is a great place to upload photos. Share your images with your Chatter network or Customer groups. Upload important images relating to your business or share your photo’s from events or customer sites. “Let’s live chat about Salesforce” Chatter provides you the ability to have an instant chat with your colleagues, it’s perfect for those times you don’t want to post a public message or you wish to collaborate instantly with colleagues anywhere in the world. “Can you help me with my Salesforce query?” Chatter Much the same as, we’ve found Chatter is the perfect place to go when you need to ask a question that requires an expert answer. Get real-time help from your colleagues. Or get them to collaborate on resolving business or technical issues. “Salesforce Recommends these Records and People to follow” Chatter has incorporated features from Stumbleupon like Recommendations. Its the easiest way to find new Customers, Documents, Groups, videos, photos and images from across Salesforce. Chatter automatically makes recommendations just for you based on your existing connections and Chatter posts. “This is what I’m reading, and also what I like to follow” Just like, Chatter allows you to follow documents, presentations, images or Files that are stored in your Salesforce Library. You can share with your colleagues and see who else is following your favorite files. “I’m bookmarking this post about Salesforce” Like, Chatter provides Bookmarking. It’s an easy way to save, organize and remember the posts you find interesting. They are easy to remove and make life simple when referring back to a conversation. “I’m going to search salesforce” Like Google, salesforce provides a powerful search function that means users can find the information they’re looking for whether it’s directly in a record or stored in a Chatter Feed. Searching for items in a specific group is helpful when you want to confirm or check if something was once discussed in the Group. “Let’s have a discussion about Salesforce” Chatter Customer Groups are similar to Forums or Social Media Groups that you’d find on Linkedin or Facebook. As the Group Manager, you’ll be able to manage the profile, add a logo, updated the group members settings and invite guest members from outside the organisation. Disclosure: The company I work for is a implementation partner -
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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