Check Point Endpoint Security Review

When we have reached out to support, they have been quick to respond

We use Checkpoint here, and are currently in the process of planning a major from the standalone client to the full console version.

They had some issues in the past with the OS X and Windows versions not being in sync, but with the latest release E80 release, the clients are identical.

There are still a few gaps, such as not supporting Fusion drives, but overall, things have been great.

Deployment has been simple: We create a composer package that pushes the installer and our installation profile onto the client, and then call a script to run through the pkg installer. It has worked flawlessly for us.

As far as management goes, the reason we are moving to the console version is to have better reporting. Currently, the encryption files are written to a File share, and that is all the logging we get. We use the JSS' EA to get a more up to date picture, but with the Console version, it allows for more "real-time" updates (1-2 minutes).

The stability has been great for us. We have found a few iMacs that shipped to us with bad blocks/sectors that were not picked up by any of our HD diagnostics.

When we have reached out to support, they have been quick to respond. Like I said above, I definitely suggest the web chat as the best option.

Reliability has been pretty good. We saw an uptick in "black screens" that leave the machines in an un-bootable state, but that is more due to the fact that these drives have been encrypted for 4-5 years, and are used 24/7.

As far as performance goes, we have noticed that with Checkpoint we are getting about a 1-2% performance hit over FileVault, but nothing that has cause major issues.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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