Cisco ASA NGFW Review

The solution has worked very well for us, but the configuration/management interface is complex.

Valuable Features

  • Firewall mode
  • AnyConnect gateway
  • Client-less SSL VPN

Improvements to My Organization

The versatility of the product has allowed us to solve a number of perimeter requirements without having to seek out different products or companies for solutions. It has allowed for a single management mechanism, and by having a single platform solution, it has allowed for simpler training.

Room for Improvement

The configuration/management interface is complex and can be confusing. Technical documentation is often sparse and can be incomplete when covering specific implementations.

Use of Solution

I've used Cisco PIX and ASA firewalls since 2003.

Deployment Issues

Not with the ASAs, with some early version PIX products.

Stability Issues

Not with the ASAs, with some early version PIX products.

Scalability Issues

The ASAs offer several different technologies for HA and we have used all of them successfully.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

It's excellent.

Technical Support:

Excellent, we have always been able to get the specific expertise needed to solve our challenges with the products.

Previous Solutions

Checkpoint Firewalls - the primary reason we switched was cost and limited support options.

Initial Setup

It's pretty straightforward. I came at these products already having considerable firewall experience.

Implementation Team

It was all in-house, as we all had 10 years plus experience when we moved to PIX firewalls and then a few years later we brought in the ASAs.

Other Solutions Considered

  • Watchguard
  • Sonicwall
  • Checkpoint

Other Advice

The product line offers tremendous capability. Please look into all of the solutions it can provide for you to maximize your investment.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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