Cisco ASA Review
Using Cisco ASA CX Firewall To Protect Your Network

Cisco ASA has better application granularity, a more flexible means of policy creation, and easier to use controls and more powerful reports than its predecessors. We tested the ASA-5525-X in January 2013 and found a much improved user interface and lots of content-aware features.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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it_user69183Real User

Interesting use of video David. Normally I like to have text rather than video, but showing the interface more than makes up for that.

I'm glad to see that Cisco is finally modernizing their firewall technology. It would be useful to have a comparison with other next-gen firewalls - the application blocking has been a feature of others such as Fortinet, Sonic, Watchguard and Palo Alto for some time, but the 'facebook granularity' is something I don't think I have seen before - at least, not at the level of blocking just certain methods of post.

15 September 14
davidstromWriterTOP 5POPULAR

Palo Alto and some others have had some Facebook granularity for some time as well. Thanks for your comment.

15 September 14
Krishnaraj Raveendran NairConsultantTOP 5LEADERBOARD

Every device has its own difficulty once we start using it. Cisco ASA is not that difficult to use, it's straight forward and easy to use. I find difficulty on checkpoint FW in which the GUI itself is quiet complicated.

The Cisco is one the stable FW which I have used to date, it's reliable and good too..


16 September 14
Dylan BunfillReal UserTOP 20

Cisco has come a long way with their FW. Cisco ASA is proving to be well liked among users, being that it is reliable and user friendly while providing the modern FW benefits that are so valuable in today's world.

19 January 15
Chandrasekar RamanReal UserTOP 20

Any network engineer you name their career begins with working on Cisco products. Cisco ASA is very user friendly when we use ASDM for configuration.

24 March 17
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