Cisco IOS SSL VPN Review

Cisco's SSL VPN device ASA, provides easy to setup features for remote access, secured and private networks.

Valuable Features:

Virtual Private Network over Secure Socket Layer protocol has already been in business for quite some time now. Brands like Cisco, D-Link, and Netgear have already launched their products a few years back. Though there are many brands, Cisco is still leading the market. Cisco's new ASA device for SSL VPN, has made a new gateway for the technology. While the product is still under review and it has to pass many exploitations and critics, ASA has certainly made a new revolution in SSL VPN technology. With Cisco's ASA hanging around, no more configuring separate gateways, and tunneling complex networks with complicated authentication procedures. Simple user based authentication is possible now with the launch of a new device. The device will let you configure a standard set of users and groups for user based authentication. Hence, the hassle free setting up and operation.

Room for Improvement:

Cisco ASA system doesn't provide interface with radius based user mapping, other than the standard schema of users and groups. This is the one field where you may have trouble with while setting up the device, with your already configured secure network. ASA only provides single network based access control list features. This is a drawback if you have multi-layered networks and several VLANs. The flexibility is lost. There has been a compatibility issue of the device with Windows Internet Explorer version 8. Cisco has provided a beta version to resolve the issue.

Other Advice:

Cisco SSL VPN is a bag of mixed features. Some of these features will let you set up an easy secured and remote access of individual networks. At the same time, some of these features will cause some trouble with your already configured network. While we know that SSL VPN is an advanced technological step towards achieving a more secured network against ever growing multiple networking threats, Cisco's SSL VPN device is definitely a wise choice to pick.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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