Cisco Linksys Ethernet Switches Review

The Cisco SFE2000 24-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch offers exceptional performance at a very low price point. Limited warranty might be a concern for some but at the price point that it is at, its hard to find a better solution.

Valuable Features:

What I find truly remarkable about Linksys Ethernet switches is that it offers great value at an unbeatable price point. We have been using Linksys ethernet switches for the past four years and it just gets the job done at a very low price.With Cisco acquiring Linksys and repackaging it as Cisco Small Business, that just attests to how good this product line is and the value that it brings to your business. This also validated our decision to go for Linksys switches for our mainstream work group switches before we decided to go for Cisco Catalyst. We are still using the old Linksys-branded SLM224G4 as well as the Cisco-branded SFE2000 24-port ethernet switches. Aesthetically, the old Linksys switches look better than the new ones.

Room for Improvement:

It's hard to write something negative about a product that just works at a low price point. However, the only thing that probably set us aback with the Linksys switches is that there were some in the same purchase batch that did not last long. Sad to say, the shops that we purchased it from only gave us one year warranty and we had to replace it by buying a new one. If there one thing I find negative about this product, it's got to be the warranty. I say this as we also have HP ProCurve switches and it has lifetime warranty albeit at double the price of Linksys switches.

Other Advice:

Overall, I would highly recommend this product. At the price point that it is at, if offers excellent value and performance for your business. What's more compelling is that it is not backed by Cisco.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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