Cisco Umbrella Review

It provides URL filtering where we otherwise would not have visibility or control.

Valuable Features:

We have a number of terminals that are NOT on our MPLS network, so we depend on the OpenDNS services to provide URL filtering where we normally have no visibility or control.

Improvements to My Organization:

By using OpenDNS, we block sites that are looked at as malicious and cut down on incoming threats.

Room for Improvement:

One thing I can mention is network security. There's no real mention about the potential of malware & virus protection for locations that we are using OpenDNS on. In certain areas, we only have a few people on-site and there’s no real need for a firewall at that point.

That would be the only thing I can think of with OpenDNS that we have NO information on.

Otherwise, for me, I think it’s a good packaged deal. I wouldn’t really change anything.

Use of Solution:

We have been using this solution since 9/25/15.

Deployment Issues:

I did not encounter any issues with deployment at all. It was pretty straightforward.

Customer Service:

Their customer service is pretty good from what I remember. We called them at one point to ask a question about one of our devices not showing up and they were pretty quick at resolving the issue.

Previous Solutions:

Previously, it was the Wild West at our locations that are not on our MPLS network. They were looking at whatever they wanted as they were only on a personal wireless device. We upgraded them to a Cisco 819 or a Cradlepoint but didn’t have much in the way of filtering or DNS with their GUI.

Initial Setup:

I believe, for the most part, initial setup was straightforward. You just have to look around and set it up, link it to the device, etc. It’s not too difficult where you couldn’t just figure it out, but to be sure, we called support and they confirmed what we were doing. They even helped by showing us the policy setup area.

Implementation Team:

We implemented this ourselves. We had the access points, set them up, tested them and shipped them out.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

The pricing is fair. We’re paying under $40 per license for 60 licenses.

Other Advice:

If you have locations where there are a small number of users that doesn’t merit a dedicated line with high monthly costs, it’s quite easy and efficient to give them some kind of access point and use OpenDNS for security and filtering.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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