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The end-user experience is most important to us because we have both IT and non-IT users submitting requests.

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Valuable Features

Most of all is the end-user experience. In your company you have IT experienced people and non-IT experienced end-users. They need the ability to reach out, report an issue, or request something that they need to do their job. They need the ability to get that done quickly, utilize different technology other than calling a help desk, and get it done quickly, and get the metrics behind the scenes that we can report on what's going on in the environment.

Improvements to My Organization

Service management includes incident problem change and request. From an end-user perspective, it's more around the incident and request area where an end-user can request a service such as needing hardware, software, or accessories that they need to do their job. From an incident perspective, they might need to report an issue, if something's broken and they need it fixed, that could be with something on their workstation, and that could also include something with an application that they use to get their job done. They need the ability to report those issues and get them resolved quickly.

Stability Issues

We did have some outages in the beginning when we were deploying the tools into our environment. A lot of it was due to perhaps not having the right hardware that was required, or the memory. You need to get the specific requirements involved to run a good solution. I think it can absolutely grow with our company. We need to look into broadening the services that we have in place today, just keep advancing and improving on those services, adding additional services to the users to make their experience good.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We've had some really good experiences with technical support, and we've had some not so great experiences with technical support, but our direct contact team at CA has been very, very helpful in getting us to the right people that can help resolve our problems quickly.

Other Advice

We have a lot of end-user feedback that can contribute to improvements with the tools. The way that it's designed, we have a lot of recommendations based on end-user experience that can really contribute to improving the tool for an end-user experience. The tools are very IT focused, and we just need to incorporate more of the end-user experience when designing the tool. That input could be very valuable to CA.

I don't think anything is a 10/10, I would give it an 8/10. Best practices would be absolutely involving all of your processes before implementing the tool. You have to design the tool around your processes, and then from an end-user experience you want to make sure that you have viable how-to documents that you can distribute to those customers' end-users on how to use the tools, training, if you're able to provide training to those folks, communication about what's coming, and make sure that they know how to use the tool and be successful using the tool.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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