Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop Review

It has fairly matured tools like Cloudera Navigator and Cloudera Manager, but it is lacking Spark SQL support.

Valuable Features:

The features I find most valuable are--

  • Enterprise security features (authentication, authorization, data governance, and data protection)
  • Proactive support 
  • Training

Improvements to My Organization:

  • Providing robust infrastructure
  • Fairly matured tools like Cloudera Navigator, Cloudera Manager, etc. 
  • Professional support enabled us to provide great customer service
  • Our clients are able to perform proactive maintenance in an efficient manner

Room for Improvement:

Spark with R integration is missing. Also, it is lacking Spark SQL support.

Use of Solution:

I've used it for over eight months.

Deployment Issues:

We faced issues in deploying Azure with Cloudera. Our machine hard disks were getting corrupted whenever we used to get patches on weekends. Now these have been resolved.

Customer Service:

They offer excellent support.

Initial Setup:

It was complex because we were doing first time deployment of Cloudera on Azure. Also complexity was high due to lot of security features.

Implementation Team:

We are Big Data consultants, so we implement it.

Other Solutions Considered:

Cloudera is a leader in providing distributions for Hadoop so it was no brainer for us to decide.

Other Advice:

There were initial hiccups when deploying Cloudera on Azure but now this combo is working fine in production, so you can go for it.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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