Cloudflare Review

It is easy to set up and flushes the cache immediately.

Valuable Features

I have used the cache feature of CloudFlare CDN.

CloudFlare is very easy to set up for my site domain.

It is very easy to maintain.

CloudFlare flushes the cache immediately, which is not supported by some of the other CDN networks such as Akamai and Amazon CloudFront. These CDNs take some time that can vary between 5-15 minutes (minimum).

Improvements to My Organization

No comments, because I am using it only for creating a cache flushing tool that will work on Adobe Experience Manger (AEM).

Room for Improvement

There are some features missing or might not be visible to me as I am using its free website plan. These features are:

  • CloudFlare doesn't provide the cache flush history. I.e., I am not able to find out the URL information of those I have recently flushed. It makes me uncomfortable when I work in a multiple-author environment and they all have cache-flushing rights.
  • It doesn't support a wildcard (*) as some of its competitors support; for example, Amazon CloudFront supports (*) annotation for flushing the complete content tree.
  • CloudFlare also does not have any API as some of its rivals provide, such as Amazon CloudFront.

Use of Solution

I have used it for the last 10 months.

Stability Issues

I have not encountered any stability issues.

Scalability Issues

I have not encountered any scalability issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I don't need any technical supports because there are a number of blogs with solutions for most of the problems. Because of these blogs, I haven’t used this feature until now, so I’m not able to rate this feature.

Previous Solutions

Before using CloudFlare, I used Amazon CloudFront and Akamai.

I used CloudFlare because I was creating a cache flushing tool for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This tool will be responsible for flushing the cache from different CDN networks, such as Akamai, CloudFront, and CloudFlare.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is straightforward and easily configurable, even if a person doesn't have any knowledge of CloudFlare. He/she can easily set up CloudFlare.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I’m not able to comment on this because I am using the free website plan.

Other Solutions Considered

Before choosing this product, I did not evaluate other options.

Other Advice

In my opinion, CloudFlare is one of the best CDN networks I have ever used. It provides a quick flushing feature that is not supported in some of other popular CDN networks such as Akamai and CloudFront. CloudFlare is a very easy-to-use CDN as compared to others.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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30 May 18
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