Code42 Next-Gen DLP Review

Deployment is automation-friendly and the integration with LDAP for access control management is seamless. But, rarely, and only on OS X, the backup agent would need to be stopped and re-installed.

Valuable Features

The way that CrashPlan provides file versioning is stellar, and the client for backing up and restoring is intuitive. CrashPlan has the flexibility to either host your backup server in the cloud or let you host it on-premises.

Improvements to My Organization

CrashPlan has placed the power of backup and restore back into the hands of the user and greatly lessened the time it takes to associate a user with their own backups and revision history.

Deployment of CrashPlan is extremely automation-friendly and the integration with LDAP for access control management is seamless.

Room for Improvement

I believe most of this has been ironed out, but I have previously hit a few snags in the client deploy-upgrade process with the customized backup agent. Recent deployments of the backup agent have gone smoothly.

Use of Solution

1 year.

Deployment Issues

The deployment process is very intuitive and integration friendly. The CrashPlan admin interface pulled all the details from our Active Directory without pause.

Stability Issues

On a rare occasion, the backup agent on a client machine would need to be stopped, removed, and re-installed. This has only happened on the OS X platform.

Scalability Issues

Because CrashPlan allows for both a cloud-hosted model and an on-premise solution, scaling our installation of 300+ computers is going smoothly.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

I haven't had to deal much with their customer service, but they have always been prompt, professional, and able to solve my issues.

Technical Support:

CrashPlan Technical Support is absolutely outstanding. They know the product very well and are always able to provide prompt solutions or follow-ups.

Previous Solutions

There was no full-featured backup solution (ie: complete file revision history and on-demand restores) in place at the time that CrashPlan was chosen.

Initial Setup

I actually enjoyed many facets of the deploy process because of its simplicity. The package customization process, specifically, is very intuitive.

Implementation Team

Because the deployment of CrashPlan was so simple, intuitive, and generally a fast process, it was conducted by an in-house team.


Having an enterprise backup solution in place instead of relying on odd one-off solutions, such as time machine, easily saves $20,000+ in desktop support and admin time a year.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Give them a shout -- CrashPlan is definitely willing to work with you on pricing given your organization type (ie: non-profit or government sector).

Other Solutions Considered

I did have the privilege of evaluating a potential competitor -- BackBlaze.The enterprise features were just not mature enough compared to CrashPlan.

Other Advice

The free version of the CrashPlan client actually comes in handy free personal use or when there is an odd machine which needs to be backed up off-site.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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