Code42 Next-Gen DLP Review

It works with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Valuable Features

Multiplatform. We're challenged everyday since our employees started using Windows, Mac and Linux. It's not easy to find a solution that will work on all computers.

Improvements to My Organization

You may think that backups are only for hard drive failure or file deleting, but don't forget computer stealing. Also, versioning helps employees recovering hard work.

Room for Improvement

They may need to add more features since Google Drive and Dropbox are getting into more and more markets. People don't use traditional backup anymore.

Use of Solution

More than 3 years

Deployment Issues

It was a very straight forward deployment without any issues. The only challenge was to not forget any computer. We didn't have any software deployment tools.

Stability Issues

The service stopped working once after an upgrade, but the support did fix it very easily. It was a Java version issues. Since it is running java, the certificates didn't work at first.

Scalability Issues

Nop. You create groups, and add disk spaces. If you are self-hosting the server you may have bandwidth issues with too many client computers, but with the cloud, no worry.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Awesome. They listened to me and helped reached my goal. They develop a backup software, not a text editing. They understand that data is important.

Technical Support:

Awesome. The guy that I reach fixed my issues without having to escalate hundred of times. He did a remote control session and walked thru the errors.

Previous Solutions

We used Microsoft Data Protection Manager before, but it was Windows Only, and it was pretty hard to backup off-site computers.

Initial Setup

Straightforward. You take a computer, install the server application, and public the port. Everything else can be done by the end users without issues.

Implementation Team

In-house only. It is easy to deploy, so you don't need any help. You may think about it if case of a very large deployment in a short time window.


Data is hard to value, but every time you restore a file, or a whole computer, you understand how it is important to do computer backups.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

It is not cheap. Pricing can get hard to understand, and they don't do perpetual licenses anymore. You need to value your data in a per month perspective.

Other Solutions Considered

CrashPlan was recommended and I was already using it at home, so the decision was very fast and easy. It was the best solution by the time.

Other Advice

You may ask if you need a classic backup software or if a synchronization software like Google Drive or Dropbox may work better.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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