ConnectWise Control Review

Enables us to provide access to our consultant without granting him access to the entire network.

Valuable Features

The ability to access our servers behind the firewall with granular security. A new project required a third party consultant to access a pair of our systems and the consultant didn’t have a remote control solution (most have their own). We took a crack at ScreenConnect and we really liked what we saw and how it worked properly. While we still use MS Remote Desktop for the majority of our in-house remote control, the hosted solution fit the bill in this instance. We’re keeping it for future third party access in the future.

Improvements to My Organization

We were able to provide access to our consultant without granting him access to the entire network with a VPN connection, and we could limit their access to just the systems needed.

Room for Improvement

While I found the documentation to be adequate, others in our IT department did not. My immediate supervisor said it was lacking in documentation and had “too many words” to describe how to use the product when crafting instructions to send to our third party consultant who was going to connect to our system behind our firewall.

Use of Solution

We've used it for two to three months. We trialled this product about a year ago before they offered the cloud hosted solution, and it was OK, but a little cumbersome to setup your own host. It was only for in-house IT use, so VPN and Remote Desktop filled our needs just fine.

Stability Issues

Being public internet based, the usual connectivity issues are present, but it seemed to be fine.

Scalability Issues

We only use it on a handful of systems, so I couldn’t answer this. I would assume it should scale fine.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical Support wasn’t and hasn’t been needed.

Previous Solutions

We still utilize MS Remote Desktop for normal in-house remote support, but for outside access it fits the bill for us.

Initial Setup

I found it very straight forward and easy to setup. Getting that initial access working properly for the consultant was a bit of a challenge, but it was a matter of following all the directions fully that ultimately allowed his to access the system properly.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Reasonable. It wasn’t too high that I wanted to look for alternatives, and not too cheap to make we wonder about it’s stability.

Other Solutions Considered

Last year I looked at several offerings for other providers. Bomgar, LogMeIn, Google Chrome Remote Desktop, UltraVNC, etc. Bomgar and LogMeIn were too expensive. Google Chrome RD seemed too cumbersome to get setup so a third party could access systems. UltraVNC was considered but I had security concerns.

Other Advice

SaaS Cloud Hosted was dead simple. Make sure the access rules on your firewall(s) have the right allowances in place. It does require internet access for both the host and remote machines, which can be a challenge for some setups.

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