ConnectWise Control Review

It has become our default solution, especially for laptop clients.

Valuable Features

Remote access to client computers from browser.

Improvements to My Organization

We are able to remotely manage all client computers from anywhere our support team has access to a device with Internet connectivity.

Room for Improvement

The ability to autolock Windows desktop on remote computers after a remote session disconnects would be ideal.

Use of Solution

3 months

Stability Issues

We've had no issues with the stability.

Scalability Issues

It's been able to scale it for our needs.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Have not needed any support to date so cannot comment.

Previous Solutions

We continue to use other remote support solutions but ScreenConnect has become our default solution, especially for laptop clients.

Initial Setup

It's straightforward and easy to setup. We simply created and installed the Screenconnect remote access client on each client computer to be managed.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Pricing and options were straightforward and cost effective for our needs.

Other Solutions Considered

We researched prior to evaluating any remote access solutions and decided that Screenconnect was out first choice. We initiated a trial and have not looked back at any other solutions.

Other Advice

The simplest advice is give it a trial. It’s easy and it works.

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