ConnectWise Control Review

The ease of setting up a connection with a client is the most valuable feature.

Valuable Features

The ease of setting up a connection with a client.

Improvements to My Organization

We deal in an environment where each client has their own unique requirement in terms of remote connections. ScreenConnect now allows us to meet at least 90% of that.

Room for Improvement

The ease of use in setting up a remote unattended client.

Use of Solution

I have now been using this for four months.

Stability Issues

We haven't experienced any issues. Even when the client had speed limitations on broadband, ScreenConnect just dealt with it.

Scalability Issues

No issues have been encountered to date.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I can’t say as I haven’t needed them yet. The service just works.

Previous Solutions

I have been using a number of different solutions, swapping between GoToMeeting, TeamViewer and Remote Assist. The main reason that I switched was cost, and then I discovered how easy it is to use ScreenConnect.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was a breeze; easy and quick. The most complex thing that I have encountered was to find the right image sizes for our company logos. The whole system is now personalized for us, and our clients see our branding. This was very easy to setup and configure.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

In terms of pricing, this has been the most affordable, reliable and convenient remote assistance software/service that I have come across. There is a number of cheaper guys out there, but with the backing of ConnectWise, you know that you are in good hands.

Other Solutions Considered

We also looked at GotoMeeting and TeamViewer.

Other Advice

Enjoy the product.

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