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Cornerstone OnDemand Review
We use the analytics feature to track training. It could have more features and ways to deliver training.

Valuable Features:

The feature most valuable to me is the ability to track training through the analytics feature. Other features that benefit me in my role are the proxy enrollment function and the materials function. The analytics feature could be better: I have had instances of incorrect reporting in the past. Proxy enrollment allows me to assign training to an entire department. The materials function is useful to me because there are multiple ways that I can add content to a learning object.

Improvements to My Organization:

An example of how Cornerstone OnDemand’s learning module has improved the way my organization functions is that we can now better respond to audit requests regarding training. Previously, audit requests for proof of training were difficult to fulfill because training records were added to a database on a monthly basis. Now training can be recorded in real time and, as a result, our records are more up-to-date.

Room for Improvement:

This product could have more features and ways to deliver training. Some of the learning objects, such as the external training form, are very rigid in how you can interact with them.

Use of Solution:

My organization has used Cornerstone OnDemand for almost two years now.

Stability Issues:

So far, we have had no issues with stability.

Scalability Issues:

So far, we have had no issues with scalability.

Technical Support:

The technical support for Cornerstone OnDemand’s learning module is good enough. Problems get solved in a timely manner, although their representatives could use more soft skills.

Previous Solutions:

My organization previously used a different solution. We switched because our corporate headquarters said that we were going to switch.

Implementation Team:

The setup appeared fairly complex. We spent many hours with our IT department before Cornerstone was ready to use; but I do not know whether the complexity was due to my own organization Cornerstone OnDemand. One of the complexities was that we had trouble getting a sign-in page for non-SSO users. Other than that, I was not involved in much of the setup process.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

I have no advice regarding pricing and licensing. I was not involved in that process.

Other Advice:

Be very thorough and get a consultant to come in and train you on how to use Cornerstone OnDemand. Be ready to dedicate at least one person to this project.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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