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Cornerstone OnDemand Review
I like the reporting, user interface and analytics.

Valuable Features:

  • Reporting! 
  • The user interface can be highly customized but the out of box, is really straightforward and easy for the learner to navigate to what they need to do. Its simple and clean. Admittedly I'm okay with an extra click for a user if the path is clearly marked and in CSOD it is.
  • The analytics are very easy to use - it produces the data quickly and easily, and can be downloaded and scheduled. Whether it is a report on who has completed a course, or an entire manager's direct and indirect hierarchy against a single class or a list of courses. Super easy and flexible. 

Improvements to My Organization:

The organizations that we've helped implement CSOD are able to gain greater insight into the training completions of their organization through the LMS, track performance via the performance management module, gain insight into succession planning, attract and onboard the best talent through the ATS and Onboarding modules. However, its the streamlining of these processes going into the system that is the biggest advantage to the client.

Room for Improvement:

Certifications - they are still clunky and they are difficult to report out on at the level of detail clients expect.

Use of Solution:

5 years

Stability Issues:


Scalability Issues:


Technical Support:

6 out of 10

Previous Solutions:

I've helped clients migrate from SABA, SumTotal, and a number of other platforms.

Implementation Team:

It all depends on the client's readiness - CSOD does not do a great job in prepping the client for the initial set up - they sign the contract and then throw some docs at them and wait. Can be overwhelming for the client org....which is where we come in!

Other Advice:

Do your due diligence before you sign a contract! Be prepared with your current state processes mapped, have your requirements clearly documented, create use cases where appropriate to illustrate the desired functionality, understand the data model dependencies on your HRIS and how that impacts desired functionality. And, be ready to dedicate the time and resources.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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