CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault Review

Improves our ability to control, secure, and manage access across the enterprise

How has it helped my organization?

It was originally just a glorified KeePass. We scaled it up to an enterprise-wide solution for all our IT support teams. In that way, it improves our ability to control, secure, and manage access across the enterprise for different support teams, whether it be IAM, Exchange, or server admin. It's been a really fantastic growth opportunity for me and for the company.

What is most valuable?

Service count rotation is probably one of my favorite features. Even though we're not using it right now, we're going to be using it in the future. The ability to automatically rotate any password I need to really helps with the entire enterprise strategy that we're pushing right now.

The solution's ability to manage all our access requirements at scale is interesting, actually. It does everything we need it to, and it's not a tool that I expected we would be using at this scale, as an enterprise-wide client. A little bit of history on that being that when we first started using it, it was a glorified password vault. It was a store. It was KeePass. So we really scaled it up and it's been a really interesting journey.

What needs improvement?

I'd like it to be a little more granular. I want a little bit more control over exactly what we do. I know if you do that, you add more knobs and dials to deal with, but that's just my personal approach: granular access.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

Lately, due to an upgrade, it hasn't been as stable as we need it to be, but I don't think that's any fault of the product. I think it's the fault of just infrastructure as a whole.

However, in the past, the product has never been down. It's been incredibly stable. And in terms of interface and usage, it's actually been really stable. There haven't been any bugs or glitches or anything of the sort to impede me from doing my job.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

I didn't think we'd be here. However, it's incredibly scalable. We are able to use it in two different environments: one is IT and one is OT. And the scalability, as a whole, has been able to translate to an enterprise-wide process, so it's been really great to see. We're hoping that, should we acquire anything or divest something, it would be that easy to actually deal with it in terms of scalability.

How are customer service and technical support?

Technical support has been good, even great. They have come in and assisted us whenever we had issues. If there was ever an outage, they were already on the phone by the time we needed them. They've been doing a great job helping us out so far.

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

We did not have a previous solution.

What was our ROI?

We have seen ROI. Our adoption rate is way up. More teams are involved in using it. That alone stands as a return on investment when we have more adopters, more people using the tool, more people logging into the tool and utilizing its capabilities.

What other advice do I have?

Use the tool, but communicate with your user base. If you're not going to communicate with your user base, then you're dead in the water already. Don't force this on someone. Work with them in order to use it.

The product has delivered innovation with each update. When I first started, we weren't able to run scans and pull service-account information and reset those service accounts at any endpoint. That, as a whole, as I mentioned earlier, was my favorite feature of the product. That innovation alone is probably one of my favorites, and definitely something that deserves praise.

I would rate the product a nine because nobody gets a 10. It's been a fantastic product and it's been easy to use. The training courses involved have been great, so I would rate it a nine.

I wouldn't say CyberArk has been a huge impact on my career, but it's definitely played a role in helping me advance, in terms of being able to communicate with clients, utilizing my skill sets, both the technical and soft-skill use. It's allowed me to really branch out and see my growth through business liaison.

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