CyberArk Privileged Access Security Review
Lessens the risk with privileged access

Primary Use Case

Currently, we use PAS and EPM. Mainly, we did EPM last year to get rid of local admins on about 300 PCs.

We are looking into utilizing CyberArk to secure infrastructure in the cloud.

I have been in admin for two years. The company has probably had it for more than seven years.

Improvements to My Organization

  • Lessens the risk with privileged access.
  • As far as EPM, mitigating the risk of local admins on PCs.

Valuable Features

We are able to rotate credentials and have privileged account access.

Use of Solution

One to three years.

Stability Issues

It is very stable. We have had no downtime.

Scalability Issues

It is meeting our needs now, and will still meet our needs in the future.

Customer Service and Technical Support

For the most part, technical support is very knowledgeable. Sometimes, you get the one person whom you might have to push back on a little more. With PAS, they escalate our problems in due time, not so much with EPM.

Previous Solutions

We did not previously use another solution.

Initial Setup

I was part of the initial setup with EPM. It was straightforward during the PoC. Once we rolled it out to users, it got a little more complex.

Implementation Team

CyberArk helped with the implementation. 

We did not get the EPM training, so we were just flying by the seat of our pants and going with it. For the most part, we were able to figure stuff out, but some stuff gave us a little run for our money.


With reducing the privileged account access, there has been a huge improvement. They are now bringing more accounts on a little at a time.

Other Advice

Do it now. Don't wait.

Any other issues that we may have come up with, they have always been there to help assist and get us back on the right track. They don't just give you the product, then wipe their hands.

We just got an upgrade to version 10.4, as we went from 9.2 to 9.9.5 last year. This was a major improvement for us, going to 10.4 with the different dashboards and PTA built-in and PTA on the credential rotation. They are starting to integrate all the different components.

Most important criteria when selecting a vendor:

  • Ease of access.
  • They are with you going through any problems that may arise. 
  • Good support.
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