D3.js Review

Fast, flexible, and free

For how long have you used this product?
- 2 years

Which features of this product are most valuable to you?
- Fast, flexible, and free.

Can you give an example of how this product has improved the way your organization functions?
- We use it to build advanced visualizations for our analytics suite.

Did you previously use a different solution and if so, why did you switch?
- Protovis, which was co-authored by the developer of D3js. D3js is significantly more powerful.

How would you rate the level of customer service and technical support?
- The author and the user community have both been fantastic supporting the product.

Was the initial setup straightforward or complex? In what ways?
- Setup is simple. You just need to include a single javascript file.

What is your ROI on this product?
- No monetary investment, low time investment, huge productivity gains.

What was your original setup cost for this product and what is your day-to-day cost of using this product?
- Zero.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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