Dell EMC Avamar Review

Good with endpoint backups, but the interface is not user-friendly and the technology is outdated

What is our primary use case?

We are system integrators. We resell, we deploy, and we support our clients.

What is most valuable?

Dell EMC Avamar is very good with endpoint backups.

What needs improvement?

This solution is approximately 10 to 20 years old. The technology behind it is very good but the trends are increasing and Avamar and NetWorkers are outdated.

They brought in vProtect solutions, called it PPDM, and rebranded it.

In my opinion, they should destroy all of their products and create them from scratch.

The technology is behind and they have millions of codes. I think that it should be recreated or they should hire another backup and archive company.

The UI is not easy to use. There are other products such as Veeam that are easy to use for the end-user, which is why they are moving away from Avamar or Networker.

Recently, they recreated the HTML 5 interface, and it has abilities but it is not mature yet.

For how long have I used the solution?

I have been using Dell EMC Avamar for almost one year.

How are customer service and technical support?

The technical support was great.

I created a ticket and it was resolved.

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

Previously, I used Acronis, Veeam, and Commvault.

Most use Veeam because it's a new product with cloud capabilities and the interface is easy to use.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

When it comes to competition the price is not what is important, it's not the problem.

What other advice do I have?

Our company is competent in Dell products. My colleagues and I have over ten years of experience with NetWorker and Avamar.

I used to be an assistant consultant. Now, I'm working as a solution architect. I'm a bit far away from technical solutions.

I would rate this solution a five out of ten.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: reseller
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