DocuSign eSignature Review

Very pleased with the ease-of-implementation and the rapid adoption.

DocuSign has been a great product for our institutions and our students/customers. We have been very pleased with the ease-of-implementation and the rapid adoption by our students, as well as our internal colleagues. No one wants to deal with paper anymore, and the fact that DocuSign works on almost all platforms, including mobile, has made this an ideal situation to replace our remaining paper processes. The integration of DocuSign with has been simple and straightforward. integration was a differentiator for us, because some of the other e-signature products did not integrate as tightly and as fully into the environment. We also were able to easily integrate DocuSign with our on-premise imaging platform to have signed documents automatically indexed and archived into our document repository. In addition to using this with external customers (aka students) we have also utilized DocuSign internally to replace other internal paper processes such as invoice approvals, HR documents, legal contracts, and many more. We also use DocuSign now for B2B relationship contracts whereby we are signing articulation agreements with external entities and our institutions. Lastly, we have deployed this internationally, leveraging the multi-language capabilities in DocuSign to deliver eSignature capabilities in Portuguese for use by our institutions in Brazil.

We send almost 20,000 envelopes per month via DocuSign and we have had no issues with any scalability concerns. We were able to initially roll this out to 2,600 internal colleagues in 63 business days, with full integration to, our imaging system and another CRM platform. Our people saved an average of 9 minutes per document, resulting in 3,000 hours of savings per month. Our average receipt of signed documents went from a range of 1 to 7 days, down to 70% being returned the same day, and 40% being returned within the 1st hour, and 27% being returned within 15 minutes. We also reduced our error rates on documents by 12%, Since the initial rollout we have added many documents, and rolled this out to another couple thousand internal colleagues to utilize. Adoption has been swift, the training simple, and change management minimal.

Our students (e.g. customers) love the platform, and it really speeds up our processes while reducing time for our students to complete required university or regulatory processes.  Surprisingly, we have not heard any negative feedback from our students, nor any technical issues, other than the inevitable problems with emails containing link to docusign somehow ending up in spam folder the first time.  I cannot think of too many technologies we have ever rolled out that have been so quickly embraced by both our employees (e.g. colleagues) and our customers (e.g. students).

Fast forward a few years, and all our institutions now use DocuSign, which includes Ross University School of Medicine, American University of the Caribbean, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Chamberlain University, Becker Professional Education, DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management, Carrington College, ACAMS, and EduPristine (India) and a few of our schools in Brazil.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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