Domo Review

It makes creating graphs easy, but sometimes it doesn't calculate correctly.

Valuable Features:

If I had to choose something of value, I suppose I would have to say it's the ease of making graphs. The problem is that I rarely use graphs.

Improvements to My Organization:

I don't see that it has. I think it has only complicated things. Perhaps it will get smoother as we set things up to rely on them, but I'm a little nervous about that.

Room for Improvement:

All of it.  Sometimes it doesn't calculate correctly, it runs slowly, and doesn't offer a solution to things I'm used to doing. An example of something I'm used to doing that Domo doesn't, is fixing data. When you upload data to Domo, you have three options: 

  1. Overwrite everything in the table
  2. Append
  3. Create a new table

We can't append the data and update a record (most efficient and accurate). My work around has been to overwrite everything in the table, but my query is limiting it to a 35 day viewing period. I then plan on making a new table to keep data older than 35 days in, and recreate all the cards for that data. Any corrections passed the 35 days will just stay as bad data. To be clear, I do not like this, but it appears to be my only work around at this time.

Use of Solution:

I have been using Domo for about two months.  I have been told that we have a beta version, but cannot locate any version numbers.

Deployment Issues:

The only issue I seem to encounter that has to do with deployment is that Domo sometimes doesn't calculate correctly (Beast Mode calculations).

Stability Issues:

It seems to be mostly stable. I have run into a few problems with the workbench not updating as scheduled, but I think it has only given me two errors which were resolved by refreshing the page.

Previous Solutions:

We used MS Excel and web based reporting (PHP and JAVA). We were looking to streamline our reports by making them all web based and using only one platform, ColdFusion. We chose Domo to cut the cost and time of development.

Initial Setup:

I think it was pretty straight forward. When I got stuck, I was able to find some documentation. The hardest part was knowing what the tools are called for the tasks I was trying to perform (Workbench, Beast Mode, DataFusion, etc.).

Implementation Team:

I believe we implemented through a vendor, but I was not involved. I do not know what level of support we received.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

I don't know the exact numbers, but I keep hearing that it is expensive

Other Solutions Considered:

Other options were considered, but not evaluated. I do not know what was considered, other than an in-house ColdFusion development platform.

Other Advice:

It's not for everyone and it doesn't do everything. It's flashy and mostly useful if you are wanting to analyze one metric at a time, leaving you with several cards of all the metrics you are wanting to look at.
Example: Just to look at Pay vs. Login (PVL), I have to use 5 cards.

  1. Productive PVL
  2.  Pay vs Login (actual PVL)
  3. Phone productive hours
  4. and 5 Show me errors

I can't just look at all the data at once, use conditional formatting to highlight things of interest, and sort/filter to drill down to what I really want to look at. Nor can I quickly drop a formula to answer immediate questions. If, for example, I wanted to do a head count with certain criteria (hours worked, PVL%, etc.), I would then have to make another card for each count and criteria. I can't see it all in one shot to tell the complete story at a glance.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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