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The amount of functionality provided is valuable but upgrading to new major versions has been complex and difficult

Valuable Features

  1. The amount of functionality provided, both in the core product and in the thousands of community-developed modules.
  2. The ability to review – and edit -- the code when needed.
  3. The ability to find independent organizations and individuals who provide Drupal services.
  4. The community, and its helpful, collaborative nature.

Improvements to My Organization

Because of Drupal, we now have the ability to provide our customers with multilingual, multi-regional content to an extent that would not have been possible otherwise.

Room for Improvement

  1. There are not enough Drupal developers to satisfy demand.
  2. Upgrading to new major versions has historically been complex and difficult. Hopefully the migration functionality being built for Drupal 8 will ease this work.

Use of Solution

Since 2009

Deployment Issues

We did not have enough knowledge of how Drupal-specific development practices affect site performance. Fortunately, Acquia had consultants on board who quickly identified the areas that needed to be addressed.

Stability Issues


Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service: 5 starsTechnical Support: 5 stars

Previous Solutions

Yes. One site was built on a home-grown content management system. A second was built on Xoops. Others were built on Microsoft Content Management Server. We switched the first to lower risk and to enhance our ability to provide new functionality. We switched the second because we were unable to continue supporting our forked installation of Xoops. We switched from the others to improve productivity and enable us to provide new functionality.

Initial Setup


Implementation Team

Both. We augmented our internal team with Drupal experts. I would rate the experts’ level of expertise as a 4.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

No licensing fees, no annual maintenance fees. Original implementation cost (for our first site) was several hundred thousands of dollars, and day-to-day cost is the cost of employees and contractors to maintain and enhance the sites.

Other Solutions Considered

Hundreds, including both commercial and open source. Name them, and we probably evaluated them.

Other Advice

If you plan on implementing it yourself, and you don’t already have Drupal experts on your team, don’t. Even if you believe you have the smartest developers in the world, you need to have experienced Drupal developers for technical guidance and to help ensure that your team uses Drupal development best practices.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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