Dynatrace Review

We use it to find the root cause in production

What is our primary use case?

We have used it for application performance management (APM). We have been using it for almost seven years now. 

How has it helped my organization?

We use it, in many instances, to find the root cause in production. It has definitely helped out in many important critical cases. 

Business use case: One typical user could take down an entire post. Therefore, we had to institute Dynatrace to find out what is exactly causing it to pull down a question. For example, when you do not know if it is going down, then it causes an outage for the customers. 

What is most valuable?

It can actually prorate anomaly prediction (the problem resolution), which was happening in the production. It is quite detailed and deeper in the insights that it provides. 

For how long have I used the solution?

More than five years.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

Stability is pretty good. Everything run smooth so far.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

Scalability has improved quite a bit from the beginning. I have been using the product for so long, and it has transformed quite a bit and is now scalable. 

How is customer service and technical support?

Initially, when we were onboarding the product, we had to use technical support, especially for contouring the system. We found the technical support to be effective and the resolution time to be good.

Which solutions did we use previously?

I have used other APM tools as well, such as CA Wiley and SiteScope.

What about the implementation team?

We had support from the Dynatrace team. They actually flew to us and we were working with the developers. We spent about a week with them understanding the product.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We evaluated New Relic. We were already users of the software Wiley Introscope.

What other advice do I have?

Go for it. Implement the solution.

They want everything in technology to be self-learning, so AI is the future. It is not just somebody who has to be enlisting for time to debug an issue, rather AI will help out at that critical point as to what the solution could be.

Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: An APM solution has to be simple. We were actually evaluating other products at that point of time. One thing was the deeper insights that it could give. I should be able to pinpoint the issue and see the details. Dynatrace provides that and no other solution was giving any comparable. On top of that, we can't move over to the cloud, so we did not go with any cloud-based solutions. We wanted to have total control, so that was a requirement of the solution, too. 

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