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eG Enterprise version 6 coming out at VMworld - a preview

Okay for who is unfamiliar with eG Innovations a quick introduction, eG innovations is focused on a intelligent performance management solution. Their solution offers an end-to-end monitoring solution for virtual, cloud and physical environments. Their layered structure gives a fast and clear view on what is going on.

New look

So let's take a look at the new look of eG Innovations. I know they have been working hard on this for a while and I was pleasantly surprised when they showed it to me.

Let's just jump in straight away and show you the new main interface. You will see this dashboard when you log on.

It's a fresh and clear dashboard for me, much better than the old one. At the top of the dashboard you see the different health status of your environment. The big difference is that the infrastructure screen and the status screens have been converted. The focus of the screen is much better now, in the old version there was to much going on. First thing you see it the status bar.

The status bar shows how much percentage of the total environment is healthy and will show per severity the percentage. It's a good start to see the overall health, it shouldn't be to far from 95-99% to often I think otherwise you're in trouble.

The old infrastructure overview got a overhaul as well. the components, zones and services are shown in a clear manner showing also the issues with the components at the same time.

In the old version many things were text lines you had to click on and here it's more like a modern graphical interface, well done I have to say.

One last thing about the top bars, the right bar will give a quick overview of what you are monitoring, the number of measurements and components. If the number of measurements is very low something is wrong with your configuration.

Service topology

Let's take a look at Service topology.

Clicking on Service in the main screen will show the services you have configured in the main screen.

Here we have two services configured, a website and pnc_trading. Let's take a look at pnc_trading.

Clicking on pnc_trading we will see how this service is configured. The service is built up from a number of actions, accessing the desktop, performing trade and so on. In this screen you will see the response time of an action and a graph with the historical response times as well as availability.

When we click on Topology we will see the relation between the components, building this map allows you to set the relationship between components. A relationship can be that one component connects to the other or that one uses the other. The map gives a good overview of all components and by clicking on them you are taken right to that components.

Read the full review here.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: PQR B.V. - we're partners with eG Innovations
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Enjoy the show.