EMC Celerra Review

Highly scalable and reliable SAN with fiber channel connectivity but bulky in size and consumes a lot of power

Valuable Features:

Hot spare disk system to take over the full workload in the event of a failure, at the same performance and service levels. The data is clustered over multiple disks so data read/write access time is very low. Fiber channel connectivity option for high speed data transfer. Single point of management/control. Customized version of Linux OS hence much higher security.

Room for Improvement:

Very bulky and heavy in weight. Needs high power cooling.

Other Advice:

My data processing company needed storage for keeping the data and processing the same storage via application but none could provide such high speed of data transfer/processing power. At last we bought this Celerra NS 40, with 17 TB of space which is giving superb performance. Now we have two of them. As a system administrator I am quite happy with the central monitoring systems which give me a better UI to monitor the system.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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