Entrinsik Informer Review
Provides users with a uniform interface even when data sources are from different systems

Valuable Features:

  • Informer is or has become our standard reporting tool for all systems.
  • Finding links to data items within the file that one is reporting on.

Improvements to My Organization:

Has allowed users to create their own reports and to make changes to reports. I.E: Custom when needed or wanted.

Room for Improvement:

  • Better on line/within product help maybe a e-Learning session for users.
  • Can you get stats on report usage by users who are running the reports - would help to find reports that were created for a one time use and are no longer needed. Like a listing of who was the last run by and date - across all who logged in to Informer.

Use of Solution:

Almost 3 years

Stability Issues:

No, Once in a while I heare that the server will need to be re-booted to re-set connections to all data bases.

Scalability Issues:

Have not had the need to do so yet.

Customer Service:

Have not relied on support yet.

Technical Support:

Have not relied on support yet, a colleague reports no problems dealing with support. 

Previous Solutions:

Not here,  This was installed when I came here.  I have used other reporting tools and Informer is a better product that what I have at another job site.

Initial Setup:

As I stated was not here for the setup/start up. My Initial learning was a little rough.

Implementation Team:

I think we used a vendor team.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

I support this product and only deal with it a few hours a month or so.

Other Solutions Considered:

Before me.

Other Advice:

I would like to have a report version tool - to log what reports are run and by who. This wou;d be helpful.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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