Entrinsik Informer Review

Very user friendly

Valuable Features

End users are extremely pleased with the ease of use and low learning curve to get a report written. Executives are very excited with the dashboard feature which gives them instant, real-time access to figures needed for operations.

Improvements to My Organization

Faculty Department Chairs have just received access to Informer and are very excited to be able to manage their advisees, faculty load, and student activities with reports. Previously these tasks were time intensive and involved many meetings and emails to get results.

Room for Improvement

The security features are a bit ubiquitous. I appreciate the vast levels of security, but it can be a bit overwhelming in trying to set up. Road maps showing different examples of security setups would help.

Use of Solution

3 years

Deployment Issues

No issues in deploying Informer, other than the security setup may have taken a little longer than we would have liked.

Stability Issues

Previous versions of Informer had issues with certain browsers, but that all seems to be in the past with the current version.

Scalability Issues

No issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Entrinsik's customer service is excellent. Very prompt responses to issues.

Technical Support:

Technical support is very responsive and has been great.

Previous Solutions

Our previous reporting solution was no longer viable with our new software upgrade. We researched a few different products and were very impressed with the Informer reporting solution.

Initial Setup

The initial setup and installation was fairly easy and fast.

Implementation Team

We implemented the product in house.


The return on investment is immeasurable. We have empowered more employees than ever with report creation. Our faculty are very excited to be able to manage and gather data previously unavailable to them to help guide their decisions.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Obviously the cost of the product is considered in the startup cost. But other than the price of the software, the cost to install, setup, and maintain the software is minimal.

Other Solutions Considered

Yes, we looked at creating an in-house datawarehouse using Microsoft products to create reports. We also looked at using Business Objects provided by Ellucian's Colleague.

Other Advice

Overall, we are very pleased with our decision to purchase and use Entrinsik's Informer.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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