ESRI ArcGIS Review

It's an all-round package with many extensions, support material and tutorials.

Valuable Features:

Intuitive GUI design

An all-round package with many extensions, support material and tutorials.

Improvements to My Organization:

Makes the process of exploring various data types easier as it is compatible with a wide set of data. For the early process when you identify useful data, ArcGIS is great to map it quickly and efficient allowing you to figure out what to do with it i.e. ESRI data formats in shapefiles was predominantly easier to deal with using ArcGIS. 

Room for Improvement:

For the desktop edition, ArcGIS is fairly resource heavy, this is to be expected when analysing large data files like shapefiles and vector data etc. So optimisation and fully using a computer resources is always an area to develop for the software.

ArcGIS Online - currently being developed to allow users to do previous computations online in a browser. Unfortunately not fully recreating the desktop version as it has fewer features and issues with computation failing means you have to reconfigure and restart the process i.e. you complete lots of form like information box and try to run a spatial computation and the browser freeze, all the entered information is lost and you have to redo it again. 

Maybe not resource heavy but resource dependent as a better term, it uses a lot of processing power in comparison to other software and simple basic applications like Excel. Often you can get limits to how much you can do with the software and it's a scaling issue as geodata sets for GIS works a lot with shapefiles which are the equivalent of millions of rows of points of data.

There is always need to improve how the software runs and make it faster and getting better machines to process it.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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