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It's a good one-stop shop for best practices and security within AWS as it calls out very specific things to Amazon services and the infrastructure as a whole.

Valuable Features

For me, it's more of a time saver. It's a good one-stop shop for best practices and security within AWS, so instead of having to go out and actually research what the best practice is and how to implement it across the entire environment, it will call out very specific things to Amazon services and the infrastructure as a whole.

Improvements to My Organization

Obviously, it's made it much more secure in terms of simple rules and things we miss.

Room for Improvement

Nothing major. For what it is, I enjoy it quite a bit and for the price, it fits well. We've looked into AWS Trusted Advisor, but at the level we're at it ended up being about four times the cost of Evident.io.

But early on there were some discrepancies here and there with signatures that would come up that shouldn't or that couldn't be surpassed on certain situations, but that was all. I think we worked with their support once or twice, who were very responsive and provided resolutions, and it became a lot more stable over time.

In terms of how to architect it, it could be more resilient and follow these best practices more.

Use of Solution

We've used it since October or November of last year.

Deployment Issues

We've had no issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

I can't remember a single time that I haven't been able to access the site. It's always been very responsive and very stable.

Scalability Issues

Currently, we just have it hooked up to one AWS account, but in the future should we add more, it has the ability to scale with that. In terms of our actual environment, we've probably grown 20-30% infrastructure-wise since we started out with one, and obviously it's handled it very well. They continue to add more and more checks. We've gone from one or 2000 paths to now 4000, and it's not to say we doubled our environment, they're constantly adding additional checks and best practices.

Customer Service and Technical Support

They're knowledgeable and proactive. I opened a ticket and heard back almost immediately from triage. I was put in touch with someone who knew the technical side of things, understood what was going on, and let me know that it would be fixed. The communication during the entire process was really good. The release obviously wasn't immediate and so leading up to it I got more correspondence, "Hey, we're expecting us to come out tomorrow" or, "Now that it's out can you verify that this did in fact fix your issue." They were just very professional and they really followed it the entire way through.

Initial Setup

It was just setting up a roll so it would have visibility into our AWS account. I, being a bit paranoid, went through and checked-off based on this roll what kind of permissions it would have. It was very easy to read, laid out, read-only, obviously with benefit needs. It was extremely easy to setup and once set up it integrated very quickly the information part set out and with information ready for me to see within the hour.

Implementation Team

I corresponded with them, but once I got it setup it was so straightforward that I don't think that was required. I'm sure if I didn't know what I was doing, they would be very supportive and walk me through it, but it wasn't required for the amount of work that it took.

Other Advice

It's a one-stop shop to see your entire environment and what can be improved within it to comply with best practices and security. In terms of use, it's pretty straightforward. They break them down into high, medium, and low-risk items so obviously they tackle the highest risk items first. The goal is to get down to zero across the board, but as you add to your infrastructure they continue to add more checks. Obviously, it's an ongoing process.

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