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It provides us the ability to report on compliance of the AWS environment.

Valuable Features:

The most valuable feature for us is its ability to report on compliance of the AWS environment.

Improvements to My Organization:

It's given us a lot more confidence in the configurations of the environment. As we review the logs, it gives us a lot more confidence that we set things up correctly. 

Room for Improvement:

The built-in signatures could use more customizability. Instead of having to create your own signature or rewrite what they already have in the system, it would be nice to make the appropriate modifications to the distinct signature. It would be nice to understand a little bit more about what the signatures, as indistinct signatures, are actually testing for so I don't feel like I have to create my own. 

The signatures that are pre-installed, the underpinnings of what it's actually checking for, are hidden, but the challenge is for somebody who's trying to troubleshoot why that signature is firing but yet the environment says it's not even though it's configured correctly. 

It's harder for us to get to the root of what the problem is and we feel compelled to write our own signature, so it would be nice to know what's going on.

Use of Solution:

We've used it for about a year.

Deployment Issues:

We haven't had any issues with deployment.

Stability Issues:

We have had one hiccup but other than that it's been stable.

Scalability Issues:

It's very scalable. It's taken on our accounts pretty easily.

Initial Setup:

It's straightforward.

Implementation Team:

At first we were just setting it up to test it out and basically converted the environment over to production once we signed the contract. So it was pretty straightforward. They worked with us and answered any of questions and were more than happy to help us out whenever possible. They still are. That's one thing I really like about them.

Other Solutions Considered:

I wasn't involved in the selection process.

Other Advice:

Make sure you understand Ruby. Although, I think they're adding Python which is good. 

Make sure you work with your account team as they're very helpful so don't assume that they're not going to be there and make sure that you understand your AWS environment. That's not their fault, that's your responsibility so it can seem more difficult if you don't understand how AWS works to write the signatures that work correctly.

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