ExtremeCloud IQ Review

As long as you have a PoE switch you can put an AP up to 100m away without issue.​

Valuable Features

Controller less architecture is a key to the scalability of this product. I am not trying to funnel all of the bandwidth through one interface.

Improvements to My Organization

We are able to deploy APs to locations that have a POE switch without much technical ability locally. I send an AP to a remote location and tell them to plug it into the switch. I've already configured it at my site and it comes up 'phones home' and I can manage it from hundreds of miles away. All without traveling.

Room for Improvement

I'd really love to see some better reporting features. The data exists because you can see it on the AP itself but getting it out through a report is just not a possibility or at least I can't make it happen.

Deployment Issues

We've had no issues deploying it at multiple locations.

Stability Issues

I have had some stability issues with the older AP110/AP120 models taking newer v6 code. I have spoken to support about this issue but no resolution came about, other than leaving them on the older code.

Scalability Issues

Scalability is simple. You just plug in a new AP and push code. As long as you have a PoE switch you can put an AP up to 100m away without issue.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Support was excellent when I was having client hop at our High School. They helped me design the AP placement off what we could see from the heat maps on Aerohive’s build in planning tools. They used what was discovered by the existing APs to figure out I had too much signal causing my clients to swap between each of the APs it could see constantly. Once the signal was reduced I was able to narrow in on client stability and now those issues are gone.

I have had the issue with the newer 6 code that still has not been resolved. Support was great when I spoke to them, but throughout our discussions they contended there was not an issue, yet I still see data loss and eventually the old AP110/120s will just stop talking to the HiveManager and clients.

Initial Setup

The only issues we had during setup was the fact of putting too much signal out there. Our old system (Meru) had a unique design philosophy and so we had APs in every room possible. The Aerohive system did not require that many APs to do the same job. Just placing them appropriately for RF interference and support helped me through those issues.

Other Advice

Everyone I’ve dealt with at Aerohive has been wonderful, down to David Coleman, the main trainer. I have taken a couple of their classes and that helped with the initial and then the advanced setup items. I’ve worked with Abby and a few others through orders and they have all been stellar.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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