FireEye Network Security Review

Compatibility with legacy components alleviates the need for additional investments in hardware, software, and training.

Our infrastructure contains an extensive amount of hardware, applications, networks, and online banking systems; each with their own characteristics and potential vulnerabilities. With an environment of this complexity it is imperative to deploy best-in-class security measures. However, with the escalating sophistication of multi-domain attacks it became very evident that traditional security technologies were becoming increasingly inadequate and easily bypassed.

We spoke with a number of security product providers and industry experts, and we began seeing a pattern of recommendations emerging from many sources for the FireEye suite of solutions. We contacted the company and collaborated to identify exactly what we needed to deploy to supplement our existing defenses.

We implemented the FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform to guard against zero-day Web exploits and multi-protocol callbacks. The most critical success factor for us was the threat detection performance of the solution: After all of our testing was conducted we felt confident that this was the right approach to safeguard the bank from advanced malware, zero-day and targeted attacks. We especially liked the protection against blended attacks that had already evaded multiple layers of legacy security controls. 

Another key benefit was the FireEye platform’s ease of integration with our existing security information event management system. Compatibility with legacy components, such as the SIEM system, alleviates the need for additional investments in hardware, software, and training.

In addition to penetration testing, part of my role involves the analysis of malware that specifically targets Internet banking customers. The appliance’s use of the FireEye Multi-Vector Execution engine and the ability to archive suspected malware for later scrutiny have both been major pluses for this aspect of my job. We are continually investigating new security solutions; the FireEye technology has always been extremely compelling to us, and it has been very validating to see the company back this up with its continuously evolving expertise and innovation. The ever-expanding threatscape makes it a constant challenge to keep our environment protected, but FireEye continues to deliver.

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