FireEye Network Security Review

We were looking to find a way to stop malware from getting through. Our overall threat environment is well managed.

To fend off a growing wave of cyber attacks, the clinic had built up a multilayered defense-in-depth security infrastructure. We went as far as blocking out traffic from entire countries known for a high volume of attacks—a step we could take because of our exclusively local customer base.

Still, malware was getting through. Clinic employees would sometimes visit malicious or compromised websites. Malware on these sites sidestepped the clinic’s security measures, leading to several infections and concerns that accounts could be compromised. I signed on to a proof-of-value trial of the FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform for Web security. The trial soon uncovered malware that our existing security tools had not detected. And later during the test, someone at our clinic clicked on a malicious link—which FireEye immediately detected and blocked. At that point, justifying the purchase was easy. We looked for competitive products, and none were found. I don’t think anybody else had anything anywhere close to where FireEye is. Installation was a breeze, the FireEye platform integrated seamlessly with our legacy security tools. Those tools included a firewall, intrusion prevention system, and Web gateway. 

Today, FireEye plays a central role in our security infrastructure. Powered by the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution engine, the Network Threat Prevention Platform blocks inbound Web exploits and outbound multi-protocol callbacks to stop Web-based attacks. 

The FireEye platform does not rely on malware binary signatures, so it identifies attacks that traditional defenses miss. In a typical month, FireEye generated 23 alerts—malware that had slipped past our other defenses. Out of those, 17 required no action because FireEye blocked them automatically. The remaining six were easily thwarted, thanks to clear, actionable alerts from the FireEye platform. We came into this with our eyes wide open. And this solution is really doing what we expected it to do.

FireEye is so effective at blocking attacks that we were even able to defer an upgrade of our IPS solution, saving a significant amount of money. One of the largest benefits of the FireEye platform is less tangible: reputation enhancement. The product works; our overall threat environment is well managed.

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