FireEye Network Security Review

We needed a solution which would allow us to proactively address threats.

We previously relied on a firewall for application-level blocking, an email gateway, and an anti-virus solution to protect our infrastructure. The existing combination was capable of identifying certain malware activity but we found we were always reactively responding to attacks. We were never in a position to proactively address the threats.

Following a recommendation by an independent security consultant, we performed a detailed evaluation of the FireEye platform. The inherent intelligence of FireEye’s solution was immediately evident and we felt that our purchase of the FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform represented the final piece in the puzzle to lock down our infrastructure. The FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform is deployed inline between the firewall and Internet gateway; preventing malicious multi-protocol callbacks and blocking inbound Web exploits that elude our other security measures. As an integral component of the FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform, the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution engine confirms zero-day attacks and captures callback destinations to dynamically prevent users from accessing a malicious channel. The signature-less FireEye MVX engine executes suspicious binaries and Web objects against a broad range of browsers, plug-ins, applications, and operating environments to determine the true intent of the malicious code. 

The FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform not only protects our users when they visit websites but also when they receive email with malicious attachments or links: having both levels of protection is absolutely critical to us. The whole banking industry is subjected to a huge variety of very sophisticated attacks that exploit both Web and email weaknesses. We see many spear phishing attacks in which malicious emails disguise themselves as coming from legitimate business partners. If users click on a bad link or attachment that initiates a callback, the FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform blocks it every time. 

Several of our employees recently received an email that appeared to come from a trusted business partner. Five users tried to open an apparently innocuous attachment but the FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform detected that it included embedded malware and immediately started blocking the approximately 200 callbacks each machine tried to generate. If any of these reached their intended target they could have severely compromised the bank’s systems but the FireEye solution just doesn’t allow this type of data to leave our network. FireEye has placed us in the position to proactively counter malicious threats; we now don’t have to take a user offline in order to rebuild their PC following an attack. We’re better protected and more productive! Cybercriminals grow smarter all the time, that’s why our use of the FireEye next-generation security platform is now mandatory throughout the bank’s infrastructure.

**Disclosure: IT Central Station has made contact with the reviewer to validate that the person is a real user. The information in the posting is based upon a vendor-supplied case study, but the reviewer has confirmed the content's accuracy.
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