FlexPod Review

It has a pre-validated design, so all the integrations have been done.

Valuable Features

I think that the most valuable feature is the pre-validated design, the reference configuration, as all the integrations have been done, and you don’t need to go through a teething phase.

Improvements to My Organization

I think that the time to deploy is quicker. Support is more straightforward with less finger pointing between the vendors so the time to resolution if you do have a problem should be quicker.

Room for Improvement

The thing that stops up from jumping in more is that we are resource constrained, I have to piecemeal what we have, and I can’t stop using something because it’s old. I can’t just say “here is a reference architecture” create a clean environment, I have to use my legacy components. We can get a lot of the benefits, but the FlexPod needs you to do it all at once.

Stability Issues

Ir's very good, no outages to report so far. You can mess anything up but nothing that is the fault of the product.

Scalability Issues

It’s not a concern, it can scale to larger than my organization would ever need. We're not a huge organization.

Customer Service and Technical Support

All of the vendors involved are pretty good – Cisco, VMware and NetApp, and we have good support from them all.

Previous Solutions

That’s the selling feature – configuration is essentially done for you. It’s good. Less of a puzzle and more of a procedure.

Initial Setup

That’s the selling feature, the configuration is essentially done for you. It’s good, and less of a puzzle, and more of a procedure.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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