FlexPod Review

We can scale each component differently and separately, but configurability for adding components could be easier.

Valuable Features

  • Reference architecture is very useful so we know how to plug it in
  • We can scale each component differently and separately
  • Each component is best of breed, and better than the competition

Improvements to My Organization

Originally, we already had many components, and we never combined it as reference architecture before. It was easy for the company to learn. Also, the different components can be scaled differently. We can put it in different sizes and make each component a different size easily.

Room for Improvement

Simplification of configurations. Easy instructions/configurability for adding components and expansion. It loses points because it could get simpler.

Stability Issues

Excellent stability. We were already pretty stable with separate components, but now we’re more stable.

Scalability Issues

Fantastic scalability. You can scale each component separately, which is very useful.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Good tech support. One throat-to-choke option is nice, but we also have alternate sources of information.

Initial Setup

Pretty straightforward. We used professional services for the first configuration, and for expansions we did it ourselves with no problems.

Other Advice

Make sure you have expertise in Cisco and NetApp components so you can operationally ace it over, because even though it’s a reference architecture, you have to know about each component. Have in-house expertise, otherwise, it’s the best of the products out there.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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