FlexPod Review
It integrates with WFA and Cisco UCSD.

Valuable Features

It's easily integrated. We have WFA and Cisco UCSD; that integration works quite seamlessly. So far, for self-provisioning and for our internal cloud, for the private cloud, that integration works nicely. That's a cool thing.

Room for Improvement

The integration and all of the levels of automation, everything is there. The support is the first thing that needs to be improved. The second thing is that because there are so many products out there, they need a common management tool. I don't think they have that particular management tool, a centralized tool. I can see into WFA and so on, but that is still in the initial phases. I would like to see more on that automation.

Use of Solution

I have been using for the past year.

Stability Issues

It is stable; it's semi-stable. Because cloud IT itself is new, standards and procedures are likely not universally defined. It is semi-stable.

Scalability Issues

That's the challenge. Scalability is the challenge; running out of network ports, running out of storage. If you have very unpredictable workloads, then scaling is a big challenge.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Support is something that has gone a little bit downhill in the past two years. They don’t have a complete devops model. Looking over the past eight years I have been using NetApp, over the past two years, it's not been that great, compared what is used to be. Response time is the challenge.

Previous Solutions

The company has been using FlexPod for a while, actually; three years.

Initial Setup

For the customer, upgrades are very straightforward; nothing to worry about. You just click a few things; it's easy. The upgrades are not that much of an issue.

Other Advice

Go for it. One thing to be aware of is the support, but the rest is good.

When I’m selecting a vendor such as NetApp, in the business that we are in, I look for stability. When it comes to stability, reputation will matter; how long have they been in business and for how long they have proved themselves. The reputation is one of the things. Stability is the key thing.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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