FlexPod Review
It allows for cross-training. One person can use the device without much training.

Valuable Features:

The usability and the functionality of the solution as it integrates with the UCS system and Cisco devices makes it absolutely great for our environment. Our only difficulties ever using the system is that we are a closed environment, meaning we have no outside internet connection. It makes support just a little bit difficult. But for everything else, it’s absolutely great.

Improvements to My Organization:

Because we're a small group of admins and engineers that deal with the functionality, it allows for cross-training and for one person or more to be able to actually function and use the device with very little training needed to handle the device. If they're strong in Cisco, we can easily implement them on to the FlexPod with ease; the same with our system administrators that deal with the application side of things.

Room for Improvement:

I'd like to be able to use the distributed FlexPod system with a mobile FlexPod and a stable FlexPod. That way, when we put up a new site, we can easily launch a mobile FlexPod to them and say, "Hey, welcome into our environment," without having to worry about what they have on the disc, and then support it.

We are a closed classified environment system and expand our system by providing a networking stack that allows access to our environment. One of the considerations is reducing utilization of bandwidth on the wide area network for file sharing and access. Having the ability to install a mobile FlexPod for two weeks (timeframe example), then remove that FlexPod to utilize in a new location while maintaining connection to the primary FlexPod would be beneficial. This would allow us to setup a site, without regard to it being temporary, across the WAN for file access.

Use of Solution:

I have been using it for about a year and a half.

Stability Issues:

If we had more of them, stability would probably be great. We're kind of stuck to just one FlexPod, so for us it's a little difficult.

Scalability Issues:

For what we wish we could do, the scalability would be absolutely great. The limitation there is actually on the company itself.

Previous Solutions:

We decided to move over to streamline the equipment and standardize the equipment that's across every site and every place that we deal with.

Other Solutions Considered:

We considered EMC storage solutions but when it comes to usability, scalability, and the storage capacity we need, they couldn't supply what we were looking for.

Other Advice:

If you’re limited to the number of admins you have, like we are, FlexPod is a good solution to look into, especially if the distant end lacks the skill level that you might have in house. FlexPod is good if you have limited management capacity.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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