FlexPod Review
One rack solution that is easy to implement and integrate to the existing network. The licensing fees are exorbitant.

Valuable Features:

A valuable feature is being a one-rack solution. It was easy to implement and integrate to the existing network. The complexity of how things connect was taken out of it. We use it for mostly for cloud television, CloudTV platforms, and storage of VMware images.

Improvements to My Organization:

It's a storage solution. That's the benefit.

Room for Improvement:

I do not like the NetApp licensing fees. They are exorbitant. That could become a turn-off to other companies. There are a lot of other streamlined and better solutions out there for a lower price.

Stability Issues:

It is very stable.

Scalability Issues:

Scalability is very good. You have better horsepower solutions which are great. It is very easy and very scalable. FlexPod itself is pretty scalable. I am pretty happy with the solution itself.

Customer Service:

Customer support is very good.

Previous Solutions:

There are several solutions that we used, but I can't be specific for proprietary reasons. We have researched other solutions. We're always researching.

Initial Setup:

I was involved in some of the initial setup and design. It was very straightforward and very easy.

Other Solutions Considered:

We are always researching other options. We develop solutions in-house when needed.

Other Advice:

It's a great solution. I would recommend FlexPod, except for the licensing fee. I can speak about the implementation part. I don't know what the system admins would say. I'm not able to speak from their perspective.

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