FlexPod Review
Provides fast and reliable storage.

Valuable Features

We currently have FlexPods and we are going to buy SolidFire to upgrade the FlexPods that we have. Peer organizations have recently purchased SolidFire and have seen a tremendous increase in their performance, not only just with speed, but with reliability. We don't have a choice, because it's that good.

Improvements to My Organization

It is always better to have faster, more reliable storage than unreliable and slow storage. Requirements are not getting smaller. We're not seeing a diminishing need for, or a plateauing of requirements.

The organization is growing. The storage requirements are growing. The move to big data that we're seeing is requiring faster storage and faster throughput. The common business applications we use this solution for are the Exchange Server, Outlook, and VMs.

Room for Improvement

I'm happy with the solution as it is.

Use of Solution

I've only been here for a year, and we've had it the entire year I've been here. In the last year, there's been no downtime due to the equipment.

Stability Issues

I have not seen anything that would indicate that it's not stable. It hasn't gone down on us, so that's a good thing. There has been no downtime that was the fault of the equipment.

Customer Service and Technical Support

In terms of technical support, we pay them and they do what we pay them to do. Sometimes we pay them, and they don't have to do anything.

Initial Setup

I was not involved in the initial setup.

Other Advice

Don't buy magnetic media, but rather buy all-flash storage, solid state drives, or other types of flash media. I can't imagine that magnetic media is going to be around for much longer. Eventually, the old stuff is going to go away. Spinning platters are going to go away. I suggest investing in all-flash. Don't buy magnetic media, but rather put them in your garage.

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