FlexPod Review
We use it to run our core web servers and our data warehouse

Valuable Features

We redid our data center, which involved taking out the 6509 and some other things. We bought the complete solution and it went in relatively easy. We were up and running very quickly. We've had it for about six years now and had very little problems with it. We've just been building upon it over the years. We're a financial institution, so we run our core web servers, all of our applications for all our different departments, data warehouse, and lots of SQL servers. You name it; we have probably run it.

Improvements to My Organization

I would like to be able to get everything in at one time. I like the ability to spin it up and have it working relatively quickly. It's a time saver, and there is nothing missing, because everything came in at one time. There was no "this is missing" and "that is missing".

Room for Improvement

I was looking at the SF, because we were looking at doing some of the SolidFire stuff. Now, with FlexPod, I know we're at the point where it's about time for us to upgrade, so we are looking into that. NetApp is solid.

On the storage side of things, of course, it can always be a little simpler, but that's why we were looking at SolidFire, just to take it a little bit more out of needing a storage engineer to be able to do anything. We would like to just make things a little bit easier for our administrators.

Stability Issues

We've had no issues with stability. I know on the Nexus and some other things out there, we look at the time and sometimes it's been up for three or four years, in which time it hasn't been rebooted. There is very little downtime.

Scalability Issues

We've really just scaled up the storage aspect of it. Each year, we add more storage.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Their tech support is great. Whenever we have a drive go out, the next morning it's already downstairs. We put it in and send the old one back. The can help with all the features, and that just make it easy for us. It's good.

Other Solutions Considered

We've just been adding upon this solution year after year. We started looking at some of the hyper-converged stuff, such as Nutanix and Cisco HyperFlex. Then, I started looking at the SolidFire stuff as well. We decided to stay with NetApp because we've already been using it. It's been successful, so it takes a lot to want to move to something else.

Other Advice

If they were going to upgrade their storage, I would tell them NetApp has been really solid for us. I can't think of any reason not to use it. That's a good thing with IT people, because usually if something's bad, we're ready to tell you.

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