FortiGate-VM Review
Can use the appliance as a WLAN controller for up to 10 access points

Primary Use Case

I work with a lot of small business companies in Austria. Small businesses in Austria are from one to 100 employees. The FortiGate 60E is a top product for these Austrian companies for all cases of Internet usage.

Improvements to My Organization

There is an interesting possibility of building a tunnel to a firewall from access points. We use this feature for small branch offices with one to two employees with access to central RDP servers.

Valuable Features

One top feature is the ability to use the appliance as a WLAN controller for up to 10 access points with the new 5.6 firmware.

Another top feature is the really good web interface and the classic Fortinet features, such as IPS, IDS, AV scanner, and spam filter.

Room for Improvement

At this time, I can't say anything against the device. It has been doing a great job.

Use of Solution

One to three years.

Stability Issues

In the first two releases of FortiOS 5.6, we had some trouble with the SSL VPN service. Sometimes it stopped working, and the IPS daemon too. Since 5.6.2, it has been running without any issues.

Scalability Issues

There are no problems with the scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

There are only two times that I had to contact Fortinet support since I have used Fortinet devices (15 years). Here in Austria, the distributor is doing a great job. It is very good to have the ability to contact an NSE 8.

Initial Setup

For somebody who does not have experience with Fortinet appliances, the initial setup is very easy, but basic networking knowledge is necessary. The Setup Assistant will guide you through the first steps, and you can config basic settings for basic security.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The basic pricing in Austria is OK, but asking for special offers, e.g., NPOs, NGOs, trade up, and/or trade in, is always useful.

Other Solutions Considered

No, I did not evaluate other products.

Other Advice

Look for the latest OS version, read the release notes and the technical documents for comparison.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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