Fortinet FortiGate Review

Cisco's license is more expensive than Fortinet - that was the tipping point for why we changed to Fortinet.

Valuable Features:

The two most valuable features are VPN and firewalling.

Improvements to My Organization:

Fortigate 300c is a very robust product, unlike Cisco ASA Firewall, you have already the web gui interface inside the device. Although they the same concept. Fortigate 300c has one of the easiest gui configuration compared to ASA Firewall, where you can lose your way.

Use of Solution:

I have been using the solution for 2 years. It has served as an SSL VPN server.

Deployment Issues:

So far, I haven't encountered any issues and that was the first time I implemented it. I just followed some concepts with Cisco ASA firewall and 2 hours later I finished configuring SSL VPN with 3 different capabilities.

Stability Issues:

None so far.

Scalability Issues:

None so far, well it depends with license of the vpn. You need to purchase it and discuss it with the vendor.

Previous Solutions:

Before I was to implement ASA for SSL VPN, it was already working. My boss told me that we would be implementing Fortigate instead. He told me that Cisco's license is more expensive than Fortinet so I think that was the tipping point for why we changed to Fortinet.

Initial Setup:

Yes it was, when you plug-in to the Fortigate Manager there is this wizard that will guide you to making it work basically, and that was it.Afterwards you can add your additional features as your company needs. The initial setup took me just 10 or 15 minutes.

Implementation Team:

Through a vendor team. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate them 8. The representative from the vendor seems to know the basics of the product but when it comes to troubleshooting he seems to lack information. He had to come back the other day just to provide a solution for a specific issue.

Other Solutions Considered:

We only evaluated two, Cisco and Fortinet.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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