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My experience with with Google Apps (the education version) has been good

In this opportunity, I will explain my comments about Keep, a new tool included in G Suite.

I use Keep to assign tasks to a team of programmers, which is very easy. It has one note or idea about the system functionality, and then write. For more explanations, we can include images. Finally, assign tasks to users, and share Keep.

For every task, it will save tags for applications control, filling in one color for advance control: yellow, green, or red.

Keep notes can be imported in Doc, saving time in the edition.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Fredy AliagaReal UserTOP 10LEADERBOARD

Hi, in this opportunity, i´ll speak about Google Sites, new version.

I have very experience using sites old version, but it required more technical expertise.

New version, has many functions:
- Copy entire web site, importing pages and all characteristics.
- Copy pages.
- Insert several files in page.
- Easy aligment for show several files in one same box.
- Easy web site publication
- Show PDF files, without insert API.
- Indicate initial pestaña to show from a sheet file
- Has a modern look frontend.

I use it, in intranets, for virtual courses and ISO management.

Is an good tool, for create web sites, portals, intranet, e-learning environment, and more.

Best regards.

12 July 18
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